Why Use Linux?

Use Linux For

1. Saving computing cost

If you are using Linux, you are saving a big amount of licensing cost involved in

2. Peace of mind

Use of linux will give you peace of mind as there is no piracy issue, no viruses, no regular system formats due to viruses, no slow speeds due to virus activities or antivirus scanning & updates.

3. Saving computing resources

Linux helps you in using more system resources for productive work as there is no antivirus updates, no virus infection and no system scanning for viruses.

More Reasons to Use Linux?

1. Its Secure

Linux is secured because of its strong file system, login based system, various level of permissions, no executable & registry.

2. Virtually virus Free

Linux is virus free because of its security. There is no .exe files, no registry where virus or malware can put their information, no execution permission by default for new or copied files.

3. No Licensing Issue ( thanks to copyleft )

All linux copies are genuine, there is no license fee, no copyright. Linux is free to use, copy, change and redistribute.

4. Already bundled with general purpose software

No need to install general purpose softwares as Linux is already bundled with a lot of general purpose softwares & packages.

5. No frequent formatting

You don't have to re-format my system again and again after every few weeks. (Its virus free)

6. Maximum use of System resources

No antivirus means all your system resources & Internet speed is for Your USE. Not for updating antiviruses, regular scanning of complete system etc.

7. Saves antivirus license COST.

No need of antivirus means saving the antivirus licensing & renewable cost.

8. Peace of mind

no Piracy, no fear (all Linux copies are genuine)