Software requirement is the key part in software development cycle

The more detail you collect from the clients, less you have to work on re-design, re-code, re-test & support.

Client has a different point of view about software solution & the success of project depends on how better we match client point of view.

Recently I had a chat with a retail store owner who want to computerize his sales, purchase, billing & stock.

When I asked him about his point of view for the software solution he told me that :

  1. My point of sale time will be reduced. When I discussed this further, After a long chat of around 2 and half hours, I found his actual point of view or we can say his expectation from the software solution as:
  2. I don't want to physically look the price of each item & calculate total bill manually during the sales, system should do the same.
  3. I will get the automated daily sale report in the evening before I close the store.
  4. VAT will be automatically calculated by the system, I don't have to do that manually.
  5. I can see my stock at any point of time.
  6. The system should tell me category wise daily sale of the goods.
  7. The system should alert me about low stock of items.

    & most important


Now the client has started thinking his life with the software solution and he want the work to be done as fast as possible.