The world is moving towards the higher dependence on on-line technologies, from banking, shopping, business, communicating with other people etc everything going online making internet access as it pre-requisite condition. In the past few years, with the advancement of technology, education and learning field also undergo immense change and a new concept of learning and acquiring knowledge arose called online-learning or online training.

Online-training means way of acquiring knowledge or obtaining training to nurture and sharpen skill from the expert around the world in their chosen field by means of internet and computer system. It is a very valuable and cost-effective method for continuous education and overall productivity enhancement. It is carried out with computer system having internet access, a chat messenger, and a virtual board on screen; a virtual classroom gets ready as soon as student login at their login time and involves interaction with an instructor and with other students.

Online training is a terrific alternative for the people/students living in remote, far-flung region, where there is no availability of nearby college/university/institute etc .What happened in past if someone wants to learn something? Either the student had to dropped the idea of acquiring training or to travelled too far for some better options or had to left their town or cities and moved down to some other places with better learning/training facilities adding extra expense on transportation, living, lodging etc making learning much more expensive. Online training provides them new opportunity of grooming .Such students living in smaller cities and town can now get access to the best possible learning resources’ or training from across the world. It has enriched their learning experience saving their time and money.

Online Training provides unmatched convenience and flexibility- It is an excellent options for students with family responsibilities, working students, students with disabilities, students living in remote areas etc. They can schedule their class timing as per their convenience maintaining balance at home and work and can learn even when they are working or have other obligations to meet. For example they can schedule it after or before their office working hour, during their spare time, after kids gone to bed etc. It provides flexibility to learn from anywhere from any location around the world.

Learn at your pace or self paced learning: The learner can focus on repetition of those areas that require a bit more time and exposure to learn. They could watch the recorded audio/video learning session as many times as he/she wants without being getting embarrassed by asking instructor same question over and over. Students who have missed the learning classes can view the recorded session. They can also shares notes with each other to help facilitate community learning.

No boundaries, No restriction: Learning /Training is not defined by age. One can learn or can brush up their skill at any time of life when feel needed. But people often hesitate in visiting class-room classes after an age, may be of social or physiological factor and sometime their busy work schedule, hectic personal lives and a lengthy list of responsibilities prevent them for continuing their education. But through online training it is now possible to overcome with all this hurdle and barriers and continue to develop necessary skills set.

Comfort: One can learn while sitting at home or while travelling, training is now not confined to the class-rooms only. On-line training provides comfort of learning and don’t require the student travel too far, hung up in the traffic jam, taking time out of busy schedule, or to dress up or go anywhere to learn thus saving money, time and energy. It does not conflict with work schedules or personal appointment.

Online communication is much more approachable: Students who are shy, does not confidently take part in group discussion in face to face communication, online provide them the opportunity to jot down their ideas, thoughts and question. They feel ease in communicating online with the instructor and peers. And most important thing there is not any chance of getting distracted by students, class-environment etc student can completely concentred on their learning session.

There is numerous benefit of online training over its counterpart classroom learning; aforementioned are just few of them. Online training opens a new door of learning. It has come a long way since its beginning and more to go. It is a cost-effective, time saving mode of learning. It just required self motivation, discipline and dedication of students. It not only trains the future workers but also provides a career path for someone employed and need to learn new skill.

“Success can be ours if we manage our time well; stay connected to our instructor and peers and balances our work with other obligations.”