Software Development

Software development

Sarmang specialzed in designing customized software, web application, Mobile application and desktop applications. We have already rolled out many platform agnostic software tools for various industry verticals like education, research, management, Image processing and GIS.

Software Consultancy

Software Consultancy

To maintain pace with changing trend and technology, one have to keep itself updated with latest technology, Sarmang here provides consultancy in planning and implementation of customized software which will add advantage for the growth of business in the fast changing world.

Barcode Solution

Barcode solution

Sarmang provide both Software and Hardware assitance in maintaining Barcode management. Company assets can be mange through Barcode Solution. One have to just put the barcode on its assets, the Barcode QR code while scanning gererate the detail information of the product.

Web Development

Website development

Sarmang provides high quality and cost effective web development services to its clients which includes website designing, development and maintenance. We work on latest technology such as JAVA,PHP,.NET etc.

Portal Development

Portal Development

Sarmang design and develop various business portals as per specific requirement. We have developed two portal ' and Tuition services'. Shikshaarthi is and education portal developed on 2008. It is meant for educational /management institutions, students, parents, jobseekers and the common man for getting information regarding education.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Sarmang Develop software to automate Business Process.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software

We also develop software using open source technology such as PHP, JAVA.

Mobile Application

Mobile Applications

We also build Mobile application for various platform such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian AND IPhone or IOS.

Image Processing Tools

Image Processing Tools

We also build Image Processing tools. Some of them are SMILE,Imagine,Leaf Morphology,SAIP etc.

Bio Informatics Tool

Bio Informatics Tools

We also build Bio Informatics Tools.

Network Application Tool

Network Applications

We also build Network Applications.

Database Application

Database Application

We uses user-friendly application to manipulate Database.

Research Development

Research Development

We also build tool or application for Research Development purpose.



We provide classroom training/online training OR projects to IT/CSE students. Some of list is here

  • B.Tech final year Projects
  • Training MCA final year semester project training
  • GIS training
  • Bioinformatics training
  • Professional training
  • Short term training programs
  • Special placement training program


In this technology advance era, increase in business complexity and rapid market chage,forces diverse industry verticals to leverage technology for improving efficiency and productivity.

We cater market with our customize product and service, valuing their time and money.
We believe that quality, performance and realibility will make a difference. Starting from our customer point of view, Sarmang put emphasis on quality rather than price.


We provide varied range of services to our clients which help in smooth running of the business, provide high level of efficiency & flexibility and maximize their satisfaction level. Our services reflect our commitment towards quality assurance  which is major part of Sarmang proposition.   

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