Updates from CBSE for Conduct of Summative Assessment II for classes IX & X (Academic Session 2012 - 2013)

Providing Question Paper and Marking Scheme

The Board earlier used to provide Question papers and marking scheme to conduct the SA through CDs. This year the CBSE has decided to make the distribution system better and safer by providing each school with two sets of unique question papers generated through online software.

The school may:
a. Pick up one question paper for each subject
b. Mix and match the 2 question papers which are automatically generated from the system based on the Board's design.
c. Prepare their own question papers as per design available on CBSE's website (cbseacademic.in). However, in case the school prepares its own question papers, the question papers and marking scheme so prepared should be emailed to the Board (email id: summative@cbseacademic.in) for verification within a week of conduct of the respective paper.

To distribute the question papers and marking scheme to schools, the Board has decided to use web-based technology and built a solution called "CBSE Integrated Test Management System (CBSE-ITMS)"

The CBSE ITMS is an application that automates Question Paper and Marking Scheme generation and distribution. Question Papers and Marking Schemes are automatically generated online. This innovative solution allows the CBSE affiliated schools to access question papers and download them in a transparent, secure and user-friendly manner.

The principals are requested to register themselves in the system starting from February 1, 2013 to February 15, 2013.

Date Sheet for IX-X School Based Examination

Every School, Sahodaya Cluster or City may design its own date sheet for classes IX and X School Based Examination accordingly.

Schedule of supply of Question Paper

Schedule for Supply of Question Papers and Marking Scheme by the Board and Conduct of SA-II by the schools:
Class Supply of Online Question Papers Conduct of Examination Supply of Online Marking Scheme
IX From 5th March, 2013 10th March 2013 to 20th March 2013 From 19th March, 2013
X From 11th March, 2013 15th March 2013 to 30th March 2013 From 29th March, 2013

The schools need to take the printouts of the desired question paper and, thereafter, the required number of prints/copies may be made at the school level. These question papers must be kept carefully maintaining secrecy.

Purpose of Distribution of Question Paper Online

Question papers for Classes IX and X have been designed by the Board and are being sent online to schools with the purpose of maintaining uniformity and standardization. Depending upon the feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders, the Board may review this policy in future, if need be.

Answer scripts of Summative Assessment II for class IX and Summative Assessment II (under scheme 1) for class X should not be sent to the Board under any circumstances. However these must be preserved and kept in the safe custody at the school as per schedule given in CBSE circular dated 28/06/2012.

Reference : CBSE Circular No. Acad. 09/2013 Dated: 25th January, 2013

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