One more chance of improvement to CBSE Class IX Students of session 2013-2014

CBSE Class IX Students of session 2013-2014 will get one more chance of improvement if a candidate failed to obtain 25% in summative assessments even after chance of improvement of performance

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced a new guidelines for students of class IX of Session 2013-2014. CBSE has now made mandatory for the students of class IX to get a minimum of 25 per cent marks in their summative assessments ( both the SA I and SA II taken together), failing to which the student will not to be promoted to the next upper class.

Being the first year of implementation a number of students/parents were either not aware of the rule or the student could not cope up even after the improvement Examination conducted by the school in April. Therefore, the Board decided that one more chance be given to the candidate of class IX 2013-2014 session for improvement of performance.

The board requested CBSE affiliated schools that "Candidate who failed to obtain 25% i.e. 15 marks out of 60 in the Summative Assessments (SA1 & SA2 combined) even after the chance of improvement of performance be given ONE MORE CHANCE. "

The assessment for such cases will be conducted by July 2014, as a special case.

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