Industrial Training: time to sharpen your skills

Summers are back with a fresh new offering on learning. We hope you would have dug deep into the lessons. Let us give you a chance to apply all the "fundas".

Be it science or technology, you need to jump out of the regular curriculum and prove your worth. You may not have worked on the concepts in a real-time environment. After attending the lectures, your mind may be filled with questions and ideas. You may be looking for the coolest hang-out to convert the theories learnt at college to practical. And a, "Eureka" moment may be waiting for you.

The next step to the systematic college education is a fast paced work atmosphere which poses constant challenges. Yes! We are here to provide you industrial training. This fixed duration training grooms you to be successful in the industry. They are approved by the industry and follow a scheme.


Most of the employers want their entrants completely ready to adjust to the new work place. Industrial training caters to the employability factor of most of the students.

The duration of the training is of 45 days. There will be a project evaluation panel that will keep you updated on the improvements you need. The instruments of assessment will be the final project report, a presentation and eventually an interview session.

During the tenure, aspirants can meet advisors who can answer to their career concerns. Working at the design office, well-equipped laboratories and on-site exposure will arm you with latest capabilities. The academic staff has abundance of books and research material, needed to extend your visibility beyond the regular course.


You may have the passion to become a sales person but a pharmaceutical sales person is different from an IT sales guy. In such cases, getting exposed to an industrial scenario becomes indispensable. Choosing the right organization and at the right time turns out to be a valuable decision in the long run.

Participation in a training programme is an effective start to become a professional. Apart from enjoying the flavors of the study world, individuals can tread a track filled with excellence and hone their technical and personal skills.

Besides giving a platform to work together, industrial training garners a problem solving attitude and a go-getter spirit. The trainees can improve their interpersonal skills, learn to write reports and practice professional etiquettes.

Take up training and sharpen your technical tools. Showcase your abilities and learn from the experts. We are here to take care of the rest.

Happy Learning!!

Anil Mohan, Managing Director
TechnoCrazy(Training Unit of Sarmang Software), Sarmang Software, Dehradun & New Delhi
Email:, Website:


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