CCE REPORT CARD Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it based on CBSE CCE system?
    Yes, Our reportcard software "CCE: PARIKSHAPHAL" is based on CCE guidelines of CBSE.

  2. Since introduction of CCE System, the board is regularly making new changes in CCE system. Do you provide any update for these?
    Yes, We have a dedicated team for CCE solutions, our team keeps a regular watch on CCE updates by CBSE, specially report card related updates. As soon as we come to know about any change/update we update our software accordingly and inform all our clients for it.

  3. Whether the software is online or offline?
    The software have both the options. You can use the software either in online or offline mode.

    In Offline Mode We install the software in one of your system, now this system is PARIKSHAPHAL SERVER , then we configure it to access through other systems in network. Other systems on network can access the software with the help of web browser.

    In Online Mode We install the software on internet and you can it as you open any website.

  4. What support/services will you provide
    Yes, Our reportcard software "CCE: PARIKSHAPHAL" is based on CCE guidelines of CBSE.

  5. Can we print report card of one class with a single command or we have to give seperate command for each student in the class?
    Software has both printing provisions, you an print individual report card of a student as well as class report for entire class with a single command.

  6. Can you put our school logo in the report card?
    Yes, we can do that.

  7. Is it possible to use this software for all the classes?
    Yes!! It is possible to use the software for all classes, we have to customize it accordingly.

  8. Is there any trail version for demo purpose?
    Yes, we do have this option in our software.

  9. Is it possible to set maximum and minimum marks for each subject and for subjects with out practicals for class XI and XII?
    Yes!! It is possible to set maximum marks for each subject. For class XI - XII we have options to set maximum marks for Theory, Practical, Project etc.(whatever is applicable) for each subject.

  10. Is there any option in the report card to know that " compartment exam" for the child if he/she failed in two subjects and "failed in class XI" if he/she failed in more than 2 subjects ?
    This can be done both automatically by the system & manually by clicking check box for Promotion Granted.

  11. If the child appears for compartment exam, should we print a new/separate report card or it will be relected in the same report card?
    Right now we have to update student marks & there no indication for compartment. However, we can customize it accordingly.

  12. Is it possible to generate the following reports
    • List of students with all A1 for a particular class ( if we have 8 sections in VII this all A1 should be from all the sections i.e class wise not section wise)
    • List of students with E grade (i.e failures list)
    • If class VII with 8 sections, is it possible to find the best class average in each subject? this will help us to assess the teacher.?

    These class wise reports can be generated on either subject wise grade or overall grade.

  13. Is it possible to generate letter of appreciation, absentism, indiscipline, report of poor performance? and same should be reflected in the student details. ?
    We don't have this feature, but can be developed on demand.

  14. Along with class teacher and principal signature, is it possible to include vice principal/in-charges signatures in the report card?
    Yes, We can include all these signatures.

  15. As we are foreign school and we can not call you for installation, Should we pay the installation and configuration fee ?
    The installation & configuration charges are for all these initial customizations. We will install & configure the software on your system through Team Viewer/ Remote Access. So, you have to pay the fee.

  16. Is it possible to use the software for any number of students?

  17. Is it possible to create user name and password for any number of teachers?

  18. If i allot classes 6 A, 7 H, 7 E, 7 D to a Science teacher while entering the science marks the software should not allow the teacher to see the other subject marks. Is your software satisfies this condition?
    YES, We can customize the software accordingly.

  19. While entering the marks, If there is any error for a particular student how to correct it? i feel only the system admin should be authenticated to do the correction? Do u follow this in your software?
    We have authorized subject teacher and admin to correct the marks, if you want that to be done through only admin, software can be customized accordingly.

  20. We want our logo to be put in the report card. Is it possible?
    YES, You can.

  21. Is it possible to place a passport size photo in the report card?

  22. If I give the details of students as excel file, can you add list of students in the software at the time of delivery?

  23. How many days required for you to deliver the software?
    Around 4 working days.

  24. Can you incorporate all our requirement in the software?

  25. While taking print out, is it possible to customize the number of pages? or it is fixed?
    YES, number of pages can be customized.

  26. For classes IX and X, is it easy to upload the data to cbse directly? or should I type the data again?
    It is easy to upload, No need to retype the data.

  27. Can you incorporate all our requirement in the software?