Why should one go for Live Project Training?

If you are pursuing B.Tech., MCA or any other technical course, you need to go for Internship or Project Training. The aim of Internship/Project Training is to get exposed to the real world implementation of the things you have studied in your course. During College practical classes, we may learn to grasp the concepts. But the improvisation on the skills, which can make us employable in future, can only be attained through industrial training.

In live projects

  • You will be asked to complete an assignment
  • You have to work on deadlines, hence you will learn to work with a given target
  • You will come to know role of each & every component of your project
  • You will get real time experience
  • You get an opportunity to use your logic & come up with better solutions
  • You will attain the ability to confront ever-changing challenges

    So, if you are looking for internship/project training/industrial training, seek an organization where you get the opportunity to work on live projects. This would be a big step towards your professional career.

    Live Project Training at Technocrazy(Training Unit of Sarmang Software)