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InstitutePlus: Enquiry
Enquiry analysis software system for education sector to get real picture of institute growth in terms of popularity, enquiry, admission & reveneue.

DEHRADUN, UTTARAKHAND, OCTOBER, 1st 2010 : SARMANG SOFTWARE, growing software solutions firm of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, today launched "InstitutePlus: Enquiry" an enquiry analysis software system for educational institutions. The software claims to give real picture of the institutions growth on 20 different criteria including enquiry, admission, enquiry to admission conversion ratio, course, location, gender, preferred way of interaction etc.

Talking about the software features Anil Mohan, proprietor of SARMANG SOFTWARE says "The software tells who are most interested in the institute, which course of institute is more popular, which advertisement campaign of the institute is trafficking more enquiries, the locations from where maximum enquiries are coming up". "The software is beneficial for owners of professional colleges, schools, and coaching institute. The software analysis the growth areas, consistent areas and downfall areas of the institution. It will streamline the institute business, give real picture of institute to the owner and provide data that helps the owner in decision making", added Anil.

"The software is available in desktop as well as web version. The web version of software is designed to run on any web browser, computer hardware and operating system. As it is client server based web application it can be easily accessed through any computer on LAN without any additional software installation on the client machine. All the records of candidates enquiries are stored in a central database. For security and authenticity of data separate login's for operator, managers and owner. The software automatically takes the backup on regular basis" says Rajendra Singh, Software Engineer, Sarmang Software.

The software is bundled in four different packages starting from as low as Rs. 10,000/.


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