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[05/January/2009] We are also providing 10 Hrs FREE training on PHP & MySQL. Only registration fee of Rs. 500/- is payable by the candidates. (Web designing training is compulsory for PHP & MySQL training)

The 10 Hrs PHP & MySQL training covers: Installation and configuration of Apache, PHP & MySQL for Windows & LINUX

NOTE: Certificate will be provided to all the participants.
* Best performers (3) in live project will be awarded

[01/January/2009] TechnoCrazy, Training unit of Sarmang Software is providing two weeks free training on Web Designing for diploma students as a part of industrial training. Only registration fee of Rs. 250/- is payable by the candidates.
The 2 weeks web designing training covers :

NOTE: Certificate will be provided to all the participants.

 [01/August/2008]shikshaarthi team  announced state level programming contest on 14th  September 2008 "Think n Program"

Programming contest "Think n Program" organised by

Sarmang announces project for education and career counseling. Press Release

First batch of Computer Aided Engineering started at Pune center

Sarmang in association with X-Count Information & Consultancy holds two days consultancy camp "Paramarsh" regarding software,  web solutions & taxation at Srinagar Garhwal.

Announced opening of training center for mechanical  engineers (Computer Aided Engineering) in Pune.

Open Source workshop at Kumaon engineering college, Dwarahat.

Sarmang becomes Red Hat Ready ISV Partner.

Sarmang Launched project Assay "To explore idea's and capabilities in youth"

"MAP ASIA 2007"
Sarmang has gained  international recognition in the field of GIS, its abstract titled “GIS for disaster management” had been selected for the paper presentation in "MAP ASIA 2007" international conference on GIS and MAP held in Kulalampur, Malaysia on August 2007.

GIS workshop at DBS (PG) Dehradun.


In this technology advance era, increase in business complexity and rapid market chage,forces diverse industry verticals to leverage technology for improving efficiency and productivity.

We cater market with our customize product and service, valuing their time and money.
We believe that quality, performance and realibility will make a difference. Starting from our customer point of view, Sarmang put emphasis on quality rather than price.


We provide varied range of services to our clients which help in smooth running of the business, provide high level of efficiency & flexibility and maximize their satisfaction level. Our services reflect our commitment towards quality assurance  which is major part of Sarmang proposition.   

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